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 IMPORTANT!! Fanclub Rules!

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT!! Fanclub Rules!   Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:08 pm

Before you even make the judgment of adding an FC ALWAYS be sure to use the search function to prevent duplicate fan clubs from being created.

- It’s understandable if you searched and still couldn’t find the particular FC that you were looking for , but don’t act rash and be logical , of course popular characters/anime’s/groups have a existing FC , for example Naruto or the anime Bleach or the organization Akatsuki.

Requesting Ownership of an Existing FC :

General Rules :

- Post only FC’s in the Fanclub section , how obvious this might be , a lot of the members have a tendency to ignore the rules and act immaturely.

- Post the FC’s in the right sub-section ; Bleach Characters FC’s must be created and posted in the Bleach sub-section.

- No flaming within your own FC and on any other FC’s , doing so might induce for warnings and ultimately a ban by the admin .

- No advertising , you’re prohibited from entering and joining an FC to just advertise for other subject matters.

If these rules are in any way broken ,then expect a moderator to have a talk with you .

1.Some information on the character/thing you have chosen to make a fanclub on.

2.Member List (this is a list of people who have joined your fanclub. Include Owner (yourself), Co-Owners and any other note-worthy members) This list should be updated regularly!

3.Allies/Affiliates (List any fanclubs your fanclub is allied with)

4.Buttons/Banners (that members can wear in their sigs)

5.Fanworks (any written pieces like poems etc about the club)

Your ViaAdmin
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IMPORTANT!! Fanclub Rules!
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