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 ichigos hollow?

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PostSubject: ichigos hollow?   Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:31 pm

we all know ichigos inner hollow can not be a vastolord,but the question i want to ask is why is ichigos hollow so strong?I just have a few anwsers but they are only theorys.......possably ichigos hollow strengthens every time ichigo is close to death,and oriheme is present to heal reasoning behind that is when ichigo got the first hole punched through him and got healed he was able to control his mask for longer.In the latest chapters of bleach he had the same thing happen and turned even more hollow like.....just guessing he will have a possible vizard lv.2 transformation if he can gain full control of this form of his hollow. I want to know what you all think,and i will post more ideas on this subject too.I dont mind if they are only theorys just try to make some since......thanks...
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ichigos hollow?
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