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 Site Rules (Update April 07)

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PostSubject: Site Rules (Update April 07)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:23 am


1. No spamming
includes posting useless comments to increase post count, writing posts that are irrelevant to the topic of the thread.


2. Act Nicely

Harassment, Sexual and otherwise rude/impolite language/comments will not be allowed.
No sexual content
Serious flaming will result in an automatic ban, the length of the ban will be determined by the staff member banning you.

If you recieve 3 infractions for flamming (as in, you flame, get banned, come back and flame again, like that three times), on your third flame you will be perm banned.


3. No multiple posting, (this means posting straight after you have posted, wait for someone else to post then you post).


4. Posting of any pornographic material will only result in an automatic 1 week ban or if it’s bad enough you will get an automatic perm ban. If you repeat this then you will get a perm ban.


5. No multiple accounts (more than one account on an IP address).If you have multiple accounts on your IP Address for any reason, such as having siblings on the site also, please let us know. If you have a multiple your other account will get a perm ban and you will get a 1 week ban for every other account you made.


6. No advertising of money making schemes or sites. This will result in a 2 day ban.


7. No advertising your site unless you have 150+ post count and must be done in the correct section. If you do advertise without the required amount of posts you will be issued with a 2 day ban.


8. Please don't give spoilers for any type of media (video games, movies, anime, manga, ect.) If you must give spoilers, then please use the Spoiler Button fuction. If you don't, you will be given an infraction.


9. Just because a rule is not listed here, does not mean that you can't be punished for it. We are human, and therefore can not predict every little thing that may happen and write it down here. NOTE TO MODS: If you have a question on whether or not something is against the rules, please ask N.A. about it.

Your Admin
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Site Rules (Update April 07)
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